IT has revolutionized

Without doubt, IT has revolutionized the operations of businesses, with constant advances in Tecnology becoming a formidable force in how businesses, offices, factories, plants and executive suites now operate.

The images that 'Information and Business Technology' bring up are computers and the Internet. Of course, words like 'network,' 'server,' 'router,' Ethernet,' and 'VOIP' also come into the picture.

Interestingly, 'Business IT' is neither new, nor has it always referred to computer-related issues. In fact, Information technology is as ancient as the human brain, certainly if one viewed the brain as an information processor, which it is. Information Technology is a very credible science that traces its roots to the earliest human attempts to communicate and store data.



Information Tecnology

Information Tecnology has evolved into a career. As a profession, it has become very diverse, and IT workers now specialize in different fields. These fields include software development, hardware development, application management, desktop services, server administration and network administration.

Let us look at a few IT career cadres.

The Chief Information Officer is the person with overall responsibility for all the IT and computer systems that back up an organization's corporate goals.

The Chief Technology Officer is the career person saddled with the responsibility of setting all the technology goals, objectives and policies within the organization.



Systems Administrator

The Systems Administrator is the person who configures and manages the systems in a computing environment that is composed of multiple users. In many respects, this person is the organization's general systems trouble shooter, as he is the one who is expected to pinpoint problems when they arise.

The Application Manager is the person responsible for managing high-value business applications.

The Systems Developer is the person who writes and updates specific codes and passwords for programs that are supposed to meet the business objectives of customers.

The  Network Architect is the person who manipulates the organization's IT functions in a way that best supports the organization's business objectives.


The Significance of Instagram Followers

Instagram is the prominent social networking platform that allows you to share your creativity to the world in the form of photos and videos. It is one of its kind photos sharing application which enables you to interact with your fans across the world. This has become one of the preferred networking sites that offer good opportunities to business to promote their products and services. If you are in the quest of success and prosperity in social networking arena, then take your business to Instagram. Instagram is the cost effective and powerful method to promote your business and share your ideas and likes. But, to achieve success on this social platform it is important for your profile to have innumerous Instagram Followers. The more followers your profile has, the greater the impact will be on your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Instagram Followers for Businesses

Instagram offers ample benefits to the businesses and the biggest benefit is the fact that it allows you to advertise your business and products to the world. Simply by posting images, videos, clips and pictures about your business and its products and services, you can circulate it across countries at no extra cost. But, all your efforts would go in vain if you can’t manage to entice followers to your social profile. There are marketing campaigns for Instagram and other methods available which you need to follow to increase the Instagram Followers to your social profile.

You can edit the picture before posting it using the built-in editing tools and also add direct links to the images of your site. So, that whenever the followers click the link they can directly get in touch with your business. The more followers your profile has, the more likes it will get and this increases the awareness about your business amongst other users. You can use hashtags and caption related to your business to allure more followers.

Benefits of Instagram Followers for Celebrities

Being the celebrity, it is natural that your fans are eager to hear from you and Instagram is the best platform to stay in touch with your fans across the world. It is the platform that lets you to tell your fans more about yourself and your upcoming releases and share your experiences with photos and videos. But again followers play a crucial role in making your page popular amongst your fans and other Instagram users. As long as your Instagram page has sufficient followers it won’t get popularized. Therefore it is necessary for you to follow the organic methods to increase the number of Instagram Followers to get new members and fans for your Instagram page.

Benefits of Instagram Followers for Others

Instagram Followers also play a crucial role to make your Instagram profile popular in this social platform. Your profile would go unnoticed if your page is lacking in followers and hence it is necessary that you manage to increase the number of followers to your Instagram account for achieving success on this social platform.

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Another field that has felt the amazing impact of Internet Technology is the fascinating world of comics. For those who love comics, the way they are read has been changed by digitalization. They have now been transformed into apps that allow for convenient digital reading and easy arrangement into library collections. This is a list of the current and most popular comic apps that you can use with your mobile devices.

ComiXology (Android/ iOS) (Free)

ComiXology ranks as one of the most popular apps in the digital world of comics. Readers have direct access to read and purchase from ComiXology's website through  its app which features major comic publishers like Marvel, DC and a host of others. Allowing users to download content from the website, the app can be assessed on Android and iOS platforms. A drawback, however, is that while a 'Guided View' mode will allow you to read the comics on small screen phones, this facility is available only for ComiXology purchases, and it cannot be imported from another comic collection, nor can you purchase it as an iOS app. Similar patterns of app usage can be found on Marvel and DC.

Dark Horse Comics (Android iOS) is another that has established its own app and market platform. It features popular franchises like Star Wars, Mass Effect, Aliens, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in addition to a rich collection of Sin City, manga and manhwa, and Hellboy. Although it's Comic guided view is smooth enough, it's Panel-to-Panel view is not as friendly. It's greatest advantage, however, is that its left reading mode is the one that works best for Dark Horse's extensive manga series collection.

2000 AD (iOS) (Free)

Free 2000 AD comics and magazines are provided on a platform that supports only the iOS device, and you can subscribe to the range of Judge Dredd Magazine, the Strontium Dog, Sláine, and the 200AD comics anthology. Also, individual issues can be bought, while any of its subscription selections can be saved on the series.

Marvel Unlimited (Android, iOS) ($9.99/mo)

Marvel Unlimited app provides access to a pool of comics from Marvel Comics' archives. You can access continuous access to 13,000 or more publications, or even issues from several classic titles of Marvel at $10 for a month, or $70 for a year. A slight drawback is that you can only read while online, although you can bookmark a limit of 12 issues for your online reading.

ComicRack (Android, iPad) (Free / $7.99)

Coming with a unique library management, several different reading modes, and other customizations, this app is very user-friendly because it also features an original desktop comic reader, and comes with a great list of comic issues. Another unique feature of ComicRack is that you can read on the go, as it allows you to sync your collection and other issues between your desktop and your phone. The fact that it supports formats like .CBR, .CBZ, .PDF, .DJVU is an added advantage.

This is merely a tip of the iceberg, as the list of comic apps from which you can gain access to your favorite comics, and save your preferred ones, is increasing by the day. We now have a convenient platform for those with an insatiable appetite for comics they can have access to at anytime and at any place.