IT has revolutionized

Without doubt, IT has revolutionized the operations of businesses, with constant advances in Tecnology becoming a formidable force in how businesses, offices, factories, plants and executive suites now operate.

The images that 'Information and Business Technology' bring up are computers and the Internet. Of course, words like 'network,' 'server,' 'router,' Ethernet,' and 'VOIP' also come into the picture.

Interestingly, 'Business IT' is neither new, nor has it always referred to computer-related issues. In fact, Information technology is as ancient as the human brain, certainly if one viewed the brain as an information processor, which it is. Information Technology is a very credible science that traces its roots to the earliest human attempts to communicate and store data.



Information Tecnology

Information Tecnology has evolved into a career. As a profession, it has become very diverse, and IT workers now specialize in different fields. These fields include software development, hardware development, application management, desktop services, server administration and network administration.

Let us look at a few IT career cadres.

The Chief Information Officer is the person with overall responsibility for all the IT and computer systems that back up an organization's corporate goals.

The Chief Technology Officer is the career person saddled with the responsibility of setting all the technology goals, objectives and policies within the organization.



Systems Administrator

The Systems Administrator is the person who configures and manages the systems in a computing environment that is composed of multiple users. In many respects, this person is the organization's general systems trouble shooter, as he is the one who is expected to pinpoint problems when they arise.

The Application Manager is the person responsible for managing high-value business applications.

The Systems Developer is the person who writes and updates specific codes and passwords for programs that are supposed to meet the business objectives of customers.

The  Network Architect is the person who manipulates the organization's IT functions in a way that best supports the organization's business objectives.


The Best Effects For Photography - Now On Snapseed

Photography is now currently a career line that many people are leaning to. Even the people who are not choosing it as a career, have opted in for some sort of internship or just for fun. You click photographs, and then you edit it. You choose numerous effects and exposure settings to make that one picture so perfect that everybody falls in love with it within a fraction of second. For a photography purpose, now there have been so many applications being made. Photo editing apps tend to serve different purposes. Some are for adding filters, some are for basic editing, some for makeup even, and some for square fits. Amidst all this, the ones actual photographers use are more of a professional approach. Those applications tend to give way more realistic feel. One of those apps is Snapseed.

About Snapseed

Install Sanpseed App and it is a Google-owned application which is for photo editing. It is produced and developed by Nik Software and is available on iOS and Android platforms. Its initial release was in 2011 in the month of July.IT allows users to apply digital filters and enhance photos. The license is held by Freeware.

Its features and tools:

  • The files are saved and also opened as Raw and JPG file.
  • There are 29 filters and tools.
  • You can create a personal look and then afterward apply to the new photos you click.
  • You get a selective filter brush.
  • The control of the styles is fine and tweaked with precision.
  • Image tuning – It is for adjusting the color and the exposure both manually or automatically.
  • Rotation – It rotates the image by 90 degrees and is also used to straighten up an image on the skewed horizon.
  • Crop – This lets you cut or crop your image as per the given ratios and also manually.
  • Brush – It is for selecting the required brightness, saturation, warmth, and exposure.
  • Vignette – An interesting tool for adding a soft darkness around the corners just like how a wide-aperture does.
  • Curves- It lets you adjust the all total brightness control of a photo.
  • Lens blur – Bokeh images are created by this and it is ideal for portraits.
  • Healing – It helps to remove an uninvited element or even a person from a photo.
  • Perspective – This is quite famous and now it is available on Snapseed which fixes the geometry of objects.
  • Grunge – It forms an edgy look by adding texture overlays and strong styles.
  • HDR scape – It has multiple exposures which give an effect to the image making it look stunning.
  • Expand – This helps with increasing the size of the canvas of that of the image and the new space that is created is filled up.
  • Glamour glow – Another famous application that is almost used in every other photography app but on Snapseed, it comes with a different application and it adds fine detailing for a fashion glow portrait.


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The Significance of Instagram Followers

Instagram is the prominent social networking platform that allows you to share your creativity to the world in the form of photos and videos. It is one of its kind photos sharing application which enables you to interact with your fans across the world. This has become one of the preferred networking sites that offer good opportunities to business to promote their products and services. If you are in the quest of success and prosperity in social networking arena, then take your business to Instagram. Instagram is the cost effective and powerful method to promote your business and share your ideas and likes. But, to achieve success on this social platform it is important for your profile to have innumerous Instagram Followers. The more followers your profile has, the greater the impact will be on your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Instagram Followers for Businesses

Instagram offers ample benefits to the businesses and the biggest benefit is the fact that it allows you to advertise your business and products to the world. Simply by posting images, videos, clips and pictures about your business and its products and services, you can circulate it across countries at no extra cost. But, all your efforts would go in vain if you can’t manage to entice followers to your social profile. There are marketing campaigns for Instagram and other methods available which you need to follow to increase the Instagram Followers to your social profile.

You can edit the picture before posting it using the built-in editing tools and also add direct links to the images of your site. So, that whenever the followers click the link they can directly get in touch with your business. The more followers your profile has, the more likes it will get and this increases the awareness about your business amongst other users. You can use hashtags and caption related to your business to allure more followers.

Benefits of Instagram Followers for Celebrities

Being the celebrity, it is natural that your fans are eager to hear from you and Instagram is the best platform to stay in touch with your fans across the world. It is the platform that lets you to tell your fans more about yourself and your upcoming releases and share your experiences with photos and videos. But again followers play a crucial role in making your page popular amongst your fans and other Instagram users. As long as your Instagram page has sufficient followers it won’t get popularized. Therefore it is necessary for you to follow the organic methods to increase the number of Instagram Followers to get new members and fans for your Instagram page.


Error Connecting to Router’s Configuration Settings with

If you have configured your router’s setting or modified them with some other protocols, you may find trouble in accessing the router’s settings page again. The internet may be working fine, but you can’t reach to router’s setting again. When you input the gateway IP address of the router, the browser doesn’t redirect you or shows that ‘the connection can be made’ or ‘the connection was reset’.

Few basic solutions could be

  • Switching the router off and then again switching it on and try.
  • If you are using wired connection i.e. Ethernet cable to connect the router to your computer, you can try pulling it out and plug it back into some other port.
  • For router Login, First go to default address. try both of them and see if the problem continues.
  • Many a time when DHCP is not enabled, the subdomain (usually go to a different network connection. Try checking the details with the adapter of your computer to know about the configured IP address, Domain and Subnet Mask.
  • Sometimes routers can’t be accessed with browsers like Safari, Firefox etc. In this case, Internet Explorer is the safest way to continue with.
  • An improper configuration with the proxy r VPN or with network settings in your computer could be causing trouble.
  • Network rest through cmd can be performed. Open cmd as administrator and then type “netshWinsock reset” and press enter. Wait until Command Prompt completes the reset and shows the result with “Winsock reset completed successfully”. Restart your computer then.
  • You can also try ‘Network Reset’ available under settings in Windows 10, which usually reset the adapter state back to unconfigured or factory state. The computer will restart and then you have to connect to the router again by inputting the password for the particular SSID.

If you are trying the IP address shown on the label attached to the body of your router and the browser doesn’t respond positively, then the main reason could be that you may have changed the IP address in router configuration and have forgotten it.

To find out the IP address that your router is configured with, you can try the following steps:

  1. Open ‘Start’ menu and open ‘Run’ and in the search bar type ‘cmd’ and press enter.

This will open a command prompt.

It is recommended that you open a command prompt with administrator privileges.

  1. Type ‘ipconfig’ command prompt window and press enter
  2. A result with the number of configuration and list comes up

Search for Default Gateway in the results

  1. Note down the IP address along with the ‘Default Gateway’ line.
  2. Paste it into your computer browser’s address field (while the computer is still connected to your router) and press enter.

Router’s login page will appear. Type in the username and password and you are done! This is one of the easiest solutions to track back your way into the router’ssettings page. In rare situations, you may find that this is also not working. The browser shows ‘Connection Timed Out’. There may be a problem with your network cable (if you are using one). Also, many routers don’t allow to access setup with a wireless connection, so you will need to have an Ethernet connection plugged in with both your computer and router and then try again.


Five Reasons Why IT Support is Essential For Your Business


Computer downtime issues, and outright loss of data are the two worst nightmares of any business, be it medium or large scale in size.

That is why it is important to employ the support of expert and competent IT professionals early in the life of your business. Before we proffer five sound reasons why you should engage competent IT support in your operations, let us quickly look at the temptations many start-up businesses easily fall into.

Usually, many businesses commence with just one or two people who oversee the entire administrative and computer aspects of the business. And, because the growth of computer systems tends to be rather slow, the temptation remains to continue to use in-house personnel to oversee it.

This is hardly surprising, as there is no doubt that the outsourcing, or the creation of an internal computer technology team can be capital intensive. However, the experience of computer hitches, or even outright loss of data has proved that the investment may be well worth the effort.

Nothing could give you greater peace of mind than knowing that your technical issues can be quickly and easily resolved, apart from ensuring that your business survives its early critical stages of growth.

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These are five good reasons why such competent and expert IT support can give you this peace of mind.

  • Prevention of Data Loss. Nothing could be a worse nightmare for an emerging business than loss of data. A competent IT team will help to eliminate this possibility.

  • House Technical Standby Team. As systems grow larger and more complex, the possibility of data corruption, and other technical issues increase. In fact, the need for day-to-day system support becomes imperative, so that problems can be swiftly resolved as they arise. This will guarantee minimal loss of time and productivity.

  • Data Management. The soul of the future growth of any business lies in proper planning. Additionally, accurate data management can help in resolving critical management challenges. This is why data collated at each stage of the business must be properly harnessed into good business reports. A competent IT support team can do this.

  • Inventory. For any business that has to maintain adequate stock, proper data processes are needed to ensure that adequate stock levels are maintained at all times. This is particularly important with regards to the relationship between the ordering of fresh stock and company cash flow.

  • Cash Flow. Your internal accounting system must be good enough to support accurate cash flow predictions and potential tax reporting issues. Your cash flow system is so vital that maintenance of an efficient software, reliable backup and data protection all become very vital too.

  • These five aspects highlight the compelling importance of IT support, especially at the early stage of your business, so that you can reap the benefits of such expertise as your business expands.

  • This is a very important consideration in today's very competitive business terrain, where the critical difference between success and failure may just lie with the effective application of technology.

  • Without doubt, your most reliable insurance against computer-induced disaster in the form of system breakdown or data loss, is the engagement of competent IT services.

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Our Specialists

Another field that has felt the amazing impact of Internet Technology is the fascinating world of comics. For those who love comics, the way they are read has been changed by digitalization. They have now been transformed into apps that allow for convenient digital reading and easy arrangement into library collections. This is a list of the current and most popular comic apps that you can use with your mobile devices.

ComiXology (Android/ iOS) (Free)

ComiXology ranks as one of the most popular apps in the digital world of comics. Readers have direct access to read and purchase from ComiXology's website through  its app which features major comic publishers like Marvel, DC and a host of others. Allowing users to download content from the website, the app can be assessed on Android and iOS platforms. A drawback, however, is that while a 'Guided View' mode will allow you to read the comics on small screen phones, this facility is available only for ComiXology purchases, and it cannot be imported from another comic collection, nor can you purchase it as an iOS app. Similar patterns of app usage can be found on Marvel and DC.

Dark Horse Comics (Android iOS) is another that has established its own app and market platform. It features popular franchises like Star Wars, Mass Effect, Aliens, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in addition to a rich collection of Sin City, manga and manhwa, and Hellboy. Although it's Comic guided view is smooth enough, it's Panel-to-Panel view is not as friendly. It's greatest advantage, however, is that its left reading mode is the one that works best for Dark Horse's extensive manga series collection.

2000 AD (iOS) (Free)

Free 2000 AD comics and magazines are provided on a platform that supports only the iOS device, and you can subscribe to the range of Judge Dredd Magazine, the Strontium Dog, Sláine, and the 200AD comics anthology. Also, individual issues can be bought, while any of its subscription selections can be saved on the series.

Marvel Unlimited (Android, iOS) ($9.99/mo)

Marvel Unlimited app provides access to a pool of comics from Marvel Comics' archives. You can access continuous access to 13,000 or more publications, or even issues from several classic titles of Marvel at $10 for a month, or $70 for a year. A slight drawback is that you can only read while online, although you can bookmark a limit of 12 issues for your online reading.

ComicRack (Android, iPad) (Free / $7.99)

Coming with a unique library management, several different reading modes, and other customizations, this app is very user-friendly because it also features an original desktop comic reader, and comes with a great list of comic issues. Another unique feature of ComicRack is that you can read on the go, as it allows you to sync your collection and other issues between your desktop and your phone. The fact that it supports formats like .CBR, .CBZ, .PDF, .DJVU is an added advantage.

This is merely a tip of the iceberg, as the list of comic apps from which you can gain access to your favorite comics, and save your preferred ones, is increasing by the day. We now have a convenient platform for those with an insatiable appetite for comics they can have access to at anytime and at any place.